Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu and Prenatal Massage

Massage Services and Pricing


Bodywork Sessions

A combination of modalities tailored to fit your needs

Revive Bodywork Deep Tissue and Bodywork Sessions

By listening to you and your body, we target troubled areas with a fusion of deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial sports massage, Thai stretching, cranial sacral, and neuromuscular therapy to alleviate pain and discomfort.

We focus our energy on relieving stress and revitalizing troubled muscles. Be it lingering sports injuries, simple sleep discomfort, or general wear and tear; together we will heal your body and ease your stress.


Bodywork Session Pricing:

$45 - 30 Minutes

$90 - 60 Minutes

$135 - 90 Minutes

$180 - 120 Minutes


The deepest and most luxurious massage

Revive Bodywork Ashiatsu Massage

This is an ancient barefoot technique that’s been modernized by safely securing bars from the ceiling to provide balance and support to the therapist. Ashiatsu works the entire muscle groups making it highly efficient and effective.

Precision and flow combine to achieve complete muscle rehabilitation. The broad surfaces of my feet sink deep into your muscle tissue, which flushes out toxins and providing the perfect pressure.


Ashiatsu Pricing:

$100 - 60 Minutes

$150 - 90 Minutes


Necessary relief for a mother-to-be

Revive Bodywork Prenatal Massage

Nestle into bliss among more pillows than a princess and enjoy safe, specialized treatment for your hips, back, arms, legs and scalp.  Cap it off with the foot rub you've been asking your partner for! 

Prenatal massage enhances circulation, relieves tension and stress on expanding joints, improves sleep and can facilitate labor. Regular massage during your 2nd and 3rd trimester is recommended by most physicians.  Must be at least 12 weeks pregnant to safely proceed to booking.


Prenatal Pricing:

$90 - 60 Minutes

$135 - 90 Minutes

Floor Thai Session

Ancient Southeast Asian Stretching & muscle relief 


Thai massage was developed over 2500 years ago by Buddhist monks. It begins with gentle pressure along the body's energy lines.  Next this massage incorporates passive stretching to improve flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balances the body's energy systems.  The massage is performed in comfortable, stretchy clothing on a padded surface on the floor.

Floor Thai Pricing:

$150 - 90 Minutes