Core Synchronism

Gentle holistic full body support

Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism - (Core) is an advanced form of Craniosacral Therapy that gently supports all parts of the body - bones, joints, lymph, circulation, nervous system, and organs. Core works with the Cerebrospinal fluid that protects and supports the brain, spinal cord, Central Nervous System, and entire body. Physical and emotional trauma or stress inhibit the fluid, thus creating dysfunction, pain, and poor emotional health.


Aside from being deeply relaxing, Core can bring you into harmony in your body and life. After a month of receiving and giving Core daily I've experienced an unprecedented sense of peace, optimism, and joy. I'm literally bursting with excitement to share this modality with you!  

You don't even have to disrobe to enjoy a treatment. Come in and book your Core with me and leave feeling refreshed, repaired, and revived.